Amazing facts

 Whales looks so… Big and scary. But it won’t attack or destroy anyone. It will just wander (swim) here and there deep in to the water. Whale’s foods are like sea dog, birds which lives in sea, penguins and fishes in sea.

 Elephants: A1fter taking bath elephants used to take mud and put on his body. This mud saves elephants from hot sunlight and from insect bites.

 There is an animal called “kangaroo rat”. It lives in southwest Part in America. It will never drink water. This animal leg also looks just like a normal kangaroo leg that is why they call it kangaroo rat. It also jump and runs as a normal kangaroo.

 In China language, speaking language is different and writing language is different. The speaking language is known as “U-Yen” and writing language is known as “Ven-Thsu”.

 Fishes used to sleep by keeping their eyes open because they don’t have eye-lid. Deep sea fishes won’t sleep.

 Everyone knows that pigeon is a symbol of peace. The famous painter “padalare Picasso” is the person who created a pigeon as a symbol of peace.

 There is company called “Well General Electric Company” in America and this is the company first invented tube light in 1938.


Magic of number 13

 Every one used to say that 13 is an unlucky number or devil number. But for Dr.kaprekar, 13 looks like a wonderful number. He identified many specialties in number 13 and made a big list. 

13 is one of the number in twin prime number. In this you can see first to prime number comes next by next. The difference between the two numbers is 2 and the sum of two number is 2 square.

3 – 1 = 2
3 + 1 = 22

The square of no. 13 is 169.The same number you write from right to left you will get 961. This 961 is the answer of 312,you just write number 13 from right to left you will get 31.

13 x 13 = 169
31 x 31 = 961

169 you just separate it as 16 and 9.
16 is the answer of 42 and 9 is the answer of 32.
Now you just add 16 + 9 = 25. 25 is the answer of 52.
Now you multiply 16 x 9 = 144. It is an answer of 122.

The number 13 you can show it from 3 individual numbers also. write 3 indidual number togeather and square it you will get 6 digit answer, you separate that 6 digit number in to 3 part and add it that will be the answer of 13 square. 

Number 13        =  8 + 2 + 3;     = 8232 = 677329

                                  67 + 73 + 29 = 169 = 132

                              =  3 + 2 + 8      =3282 = 107584

                                 10 + 75 + 84 = 169 = 132    

                             = 9 + 2 + 2 = 9222 =850084

                                85 + 00 + 84 = 132


Habitable tunnels on lunar surface?


 Since 1960s scientist have had a theory about lunar tunnels. And if they do exist, such tunnels could home to the human settlements. The theory found its support in a series of pictures taken by NASA’s lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO). The images were captured when the LRO passed over the Marius hills. It is on the located on the moon known for its multitudes of “Riles”. Riles are the long channels on the lunar surface which lead the scientists to expound that tunnels theory. In as early as December 2009 kaguya, Japanese or orbiter founder huge pit in the middle of one of the Marius hills riles. The pit was about 70m wide and dropped over 90m to its floor. The LRO recently returned clearer pictures of the pit. According to mark robin son, a lead researcher of Arizona state university, the tunnels of a perfect radiation shield and a very begin thermal environment. he assumes that ones we get down to two meters under the surface of the moon, the temperatures remain fairly constant, probably around 30-40 degree C.


Precious Words


Work:  Do the work to be done now, and see what you have gained. You feel easy and find that some burden is off your head. Relaxation is yours in the bargain.

Success: There is no shortcut to success. Begin working. Targets are not achieved overnight. Only regular working pays.

Company: Keep the company of the intellectuals who are full of ideas. These ideas will touch you, infect you, seize you and thus do immerse good to your personality.

Never too late: It is never too late to correct. You may correct at fifty, even at sixty. If you survive after mending, this period will be glorious and worthy period of your life.

Shyness: shyness of yours is a hindrance. It stands between you achievement. Boldness and self-confidence should be your guide lines for successful living.




Birds Migration


     Bird migration is a periodic movement of birds between their breeding and non- breeding area or and any regular movements of birds that forms part of their life cycle the term ‘migration , generally refers to the periodical movements of birds, ie, across the borders is is described as Local migration and seasonally up and down mountains as altitude migration of the 2100species and subspecies of birds in the Indian subcontinent about 300 are migrants from land beyond the Himalayas central the northern Asia and northeastern Europe. These species that breed on our Northeastern and Northwestern borders behave like true migrants they keep the same time schedule for arrival and departure beside some of the local migrants may move a few kilometers and other move attitudinally from the snow line in summer down to the foothill. The major groups of Indian migrants are: ducks, goose, waders or shore birds, swallows flycatcher’s warbler’s thrushes and chats wagtails and pipits, finches and bunting

             Main reason behind migration is survived winter is server and day is short beyond the Himalaya. These conditions are not suitable for finding food. Hence, by September/October the birds move south ward to warmer region, sometimes more than 500km away. By march/April they return to the northern reading area where temperature and competition for food and nest. Sites are comparatively less. Spring migration is linked with the development then of the reproductive organs.

Journey is undertaken singles, in small parties or long flocks, at times several species together.  Migrants are either diurnal, space nocturnal or both.  


Clouds vary in shape

Clouds vary in shape according to their heights and temperature and they contain minute’s drops of water ice particles or a combination of both. Their formation is generally effected by the wind changes there are basically group of clouds high clouds between 17,000 and 45,000 feet cirrus, Cirri -cumtusand

Stratus middle clouds between 7,000 and 23,000 feet-alto-columns alto status and nimbus stratus love clouds up to 7000 feet stratus columns, stratus cumulus nimbus the height and temperature decide how much pressure is exerted on them by the atmosphere. Finally, the shapes of clouds differ according to the time of day.  Towards evening clouds tend to thin out Rise a little and flatten out.


The first war of Independence.

By 1857, the British were the masters of almost the whole of India. 1857 is an important year in the history of our country. For the first time, an attempt was made by Indians to themselves from British. That is why it is called the First War of Independence. it is also called the ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ because Mangle Pandey, a young Sepoy ( from the Indian word siphi or ‘foot solder’) posted in the company’s army at Meerut, fired the first shot of this revolt. the reason for this revolt was a curious incident. 

A new rifle , the ‘Enfeild’, had recently been introduced. A rumour spread that these cartridges were greased with fats obtained from carcasses  of cows pigs. even worse – for the pious Brahmins and the equally devout Muslims in the

ranks –was the new that the paper covering cartridges had to be bitten off before the cartridges could be interested in the breech of the new rifle. The Hindus regard cows as holy and Muslims regard pigs as unclean. The rumors hurt the sentiments of the soldiers and the revolt started among the Indian soldiers at Meerut on 10th May 1857. From Meerut the moved to Delhi. At Delhi, the people got together and proclaimed Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor as their leader. Other prominent leader were nana sahib, tantai tope,Rani laxmibai, kunwar singh, liaquat ali and begum Hazrat  Mahal of Awadh.

Despite the brave efforts of the indian people, they were no match for the british who had superior weapons and trained soldiers. Moreover, the Indians were disorganized, and hence they lost.


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