Clever Boy

In Arabian country, there lived a clever boy called Abdula. He is just 13 years old. He is very talented.

One day he felt that he want to visit his grandmother living in the next town. He asked permission with his parents. They told now we are very busy so it is impossible, we will take you next year.

Discussion rise between parents and boy

Boy: No problem I will go alone.

Parents: You are small boy how can you manage alone?

Boy: Don’t worry about that. How long I can be a small boy? Even at this age how can I stay inside the home? If I go outside I will learn about world and the people. So please let me go.

Father: “Yes. He is right. Let him go as he like”

Abdula father convinced his mother.

Abdula said bye to their parents and moving towards his grandmother house. After moving certain distance he found one person was running towards him with gasp of breathe.

Abdula asked him why are you running like this. Way farer told him that he tied his camel in the dates tree then I went to have a small nap. When I woke up I found my camel was missing. Camel removed the rope and ran away. Did you find any camel on the way?

Discussion between Abdula and Way farer.

Abdula: Is your camel’s right eye is blind?

Way farer: Yes, you are right. Where did you saw? Come on tell me soon.

Abdula: That camel doesn’t have two teeth right?

Way Farer: Yes, my son absolutely. No doubt that is my camel. Where did you saw that camel? Come on tell me soon.

Abdula: Sorry uncle I did not see your camel. I just saw some marks on the way by seeing marks I assumed myself that camel might be like this that is what I asked you.

Way farer did not get confidence in abdula’s words, and he is sure that, he might be belonging to a thief group. He suspected someone belong to abdula only stole the camel. Otherwise how he can say everything so exactly? He was thinking himself.

Way farer thought, He is telling lie that he doesn’t know anything. I should not leave him. I will take him to the judge then he will tell all the truth in front of him. He dragged abdula to the Judge and made him stand in front of judge.

Way farer gave complaint to the judge. “Sir, My camel is missing. Abdula is telling all the identity of camel exactly. When I asked him where did you saw the camel? He is replying that he did not see the camel.

Judge: Did you saw his camel?

Abdula: “Sir, I did not see camel. But, on the way I found few marks by having that mark in my mind I assumed that camel right eye is blind and camel doesn’t have two teeth.

Way farer: Did you see that my judge. Without seeing the camel how can he say all the signs clearly? So, He is the culprit.

Abdula: Apart from this I can tell one more identity also. Two bags might be hanged on the camel’s back, one side is sugar bag, and the other side is wheat bag.

Way farer: He is right sir. One side it was sugar and the other side is wheat. No doubt someone belong to him only stole my camel.

Abdula: “Sir, I am telling the truth. Just by seeing the mark only I told everything.

Judge: Tell me clearly, what you saw on the way?

Abdula: On the way, I saw left hand side plants are grazed. By seeing this I understood that the camel’s right eye might be blind.

Judge: By hearing this answer Judge wondered. And he asked, then how did you find that the camel doesn’t have two teeth.

Abdula: In the grazed place I found in between few leaves was not grazed by seeing this I understood that the camel doesn’t have two teeth in front.

Judge again wondered by hearing the answer of Abdula. Abdula continued, then I saw birds were pecking the scattered sugar and wheat both sides. By seeing this I understood on camel’s back one side sugar bag and the other side wheat might be hanged.

Judge: By hearing all the answer judge felt excited, He hugged the boy and appreciated him.

“Even elders won’t think and judge like this. You are really a very clever boy. Your brain works beyond your age. Only by seeing the mark you judged the whole appearance of camel, really awesome.

I am blessing you; In future you become expert as a judge.

Way farer:  “Sir, My camel…..”  He dragged.

Judge: Don’t waste your time go and search somewhere else. If you stay here for long time I will punish you for blaming on this boy.

Way farer felt very bad for his stupid activity.

Abdula went to his grandma’s house with lot of gifts given by Judge.

That is what Thiruvalluvar said

“Wisdom simplifies its subtlety to others
And other’s subtlety to itself.”


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