After 20 Years a Bullet Betrayal Is Resolved

Henry Jig lend – A man who lived in Texas city in America, have been abandoned his lover in 1893. Because of this her brother was very annoyed on Henry and he decided to take revenge on him.

As he decided, one day from hide he shot Henry, he himself committed suicide.

Her brother shot Henry Jig lend but he did not die. Her brother missed the target. That bullet just swiped Henry’s body, and buried in to the tree.

After that incident 20 year’s elapsed.

But Henry doesn’t know that the bullet was buried in to that tree. Not only Henry no one knows that. At that time, in 1913 Henry was trying to cut off the tree in which the bullet was buried.

But that tree is very strong it is co-operating to Henry Jig lends axe. So he destroyed the tree by keeping dynamite. At that time the bullet buried in that tree fired Henry’s head. Henry Dead on the spot.

After 20 years the bullet Betrayal is resolved.

This story I stuided in a library book

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An Amazing Lighthouse with Cotton Foundation

A Marvelous lighthouse with cotton foundation –

In England, there is a leasowe lighthouse which was constructed on the cotton foundation. England presented an insurmountable difficulty to construct light house on the sandy wirral shore but they failed the reason is, due to the instability sandy shore which was very danger to construct light house. But later the problem was solved in an unexpected way.

In the year of 1761, American Ship which carried cotton from India had trapped in storm and shipwrecked by hitting on the seashore. The cotton packages in ship was rescued and arranged on shore where the light house to be erected. After few day Sea water, sand and cotton altogether become like a very hard rock. So they left it as it is. Later that rock becomes the foundation. Yes, they left the cotton rock as a foundation and constructed light house on that rock. Still now that cotton foundation was very strong still now it was in use.

The leasowe lighthouse is open to the public on the first and third Sunday of each month from April to September and first Sunday of each month from October to March.

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71 Girls

geum river korea

The Geum river is located in korea (south korea). In the corner of this river there is a big rock where every year miracle happens.

In the year of AC 660 china took invade on korea, china took over korea; China captured the King and ministers of korea and took them to china. A women in the palace don’t want to stuck and spoilt by enemies so they escaped from the palace and ran to save themselves from them, on the way they found a very big and tall rock in the corner of the river they immediately climbed upon this big rock and attempted suicide by jumping down from the rock and died. Totally 71 girls attempted suicide in that rock and dead.

A tree which is on the top of the rock blooms only 71 flower every year. It will not bloom less or more than 71 flowers. All this 71 flowers will bloom every year and spread the smells all over and fall themselves in to the river and get dry. Ever year that tree blooms only 71 flowers to pay respect to those 71 girls. This was happening more than 1300 years.

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Napoleon and A Village Girl


France Emperor Napoleon – he was just a normal soldier at that time. Napoleon and other soldiers were stayed in a pavilion in a particular place of that village. Napoleon was not quite there; at the free time without wasting his time he used to read many good books . It was a natural habit of napoleon.

At that time, one day a girl who came across teased napoleon that “All the soldiers are enjoying their life and passing their time by playing happily” but you are just sitting like a ‘kosha’. She said and laughed loudly.

Napoeon was quite he did not answer to her question.  She too went.

Twelve years elapsed.

Napoleon became the Emperor of France.

One day the France Emperor napoleon went to that particular village; after coming to that village, he enquired for that girl and he went to her house. Napoleon met that girl and asked “do you know who I am?” She started thinking deeply for few minutes, by remembering something; she said “The Emperor Yes”, I Think I already saw you before somewhere else.

Immediately the Emperor napoleon said, Yes! I am a normal soldier who stayed here before in a pavilion. You too teased me by saying ‘kosha’ and he continued, as you said, If I too play with them I might be remind as soldier itself. The knowledge I gained from the book helped me to become a Emperor.

That girl stunned and stood quite.

This Story I read in a book.

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Paricutin Volcano Formation

In the Year 1943, a farmer who lived in a Mexico country was cultivating in his agriculture land, suddenly he and his wife saw a smoke coming out from his land, he was shocked. At that time, the earth cracked, and they saw the earth quake. The farmer scared and ran in to his town. 

 A village people living in Particutin heard a rumbling noise and all the people in the town came to see that place; there they saw a hole and lava bursting out from the hole. The very next day they saw small elevation came around the hole at the height of 750 centimeter. 

In one week this elevation developed in to 450 meter height. They named this volcano as Paricutin because the near by village name is Particutin.

This is what Paricutin volcano formed.

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Essence of Bhagavad-Gita

Whatever happened, it happened for good.

Whatever is happening is happening for good.

Whatever that will happen, it will be for good.

What have you lost for which you cry?

What did you bring with you, which you have lost?

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What did you produce? Which has destroyed?

You did not bring any when you were born.

Whatever you have, you have received from him.

Whatever you will  give, you will give to him.

You can empty handed and you will go the same way.

Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday

and will be somebody else’s tomorrow.

Change is the law of universe.


Amazing facts about animal eyes

Scorpions have as many as 12 eyes, and marine worms have as many as 100 eyes scattered all over their bodies!

The eyes of hawks and eagles have special retinas with several small light sensitive cells that allow them to see small animals (like mice and rats) on the ground even when they are flying high above. Their vision is about eight times sharper than the average human eyes!

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Tropical fish and some brightly colored animals have many more color vision cells in their retinas than humans – this allows them to see colors that we cannot see.

A Bird called the American woodcock can see things all around it, and at sharp angles above and below it, without even turning its head!


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