71 Girls

geum river korea

The Geum river is located in korea (south korea). In the corner of this river there is a big rock where every year miracle happens.

In the year of AC 660 china took invade on korea, china took over korea; China captured the King and ministers of korea and took them to china. A women in the palace don’t want to stuck and spoilt by enemies so they escaped from the palace and ran to save themselves from them, on the way they found a very big and tall rock in the corner of the river they immediately climbed upon this big rock and attempted suicide by jumping down from the rock and died. Totally 71 girls attempted suicide in that rock and dead.

A tree which is on the top of the rock blooms only 71 flower every year. It will not bloom less or more than 71 flowers. All this 71 flowers will bloom every year and spread the smells all over and fall themselves in to the river and get dry. Ever year that tree blooms only 71 flowers to pay respect to those 71 girls. This was happening more than 1300 years.

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