After 20 Years a Bullet Betrayal Is Resolved

Henry Jig lend – A man who lived in Texas city in America, have been abandoned his lover in 1893. Because of this her brother was very annoyed on Henry and he decided to take revenge on him.

As he decided, one day from hide he shot Henry, he himself committed suicide.

Her brother shot Henry Jig lend but he did not die. Her brother missed the target. That bullet just swiped Henry’s body, and buried in to the tree.

After that incident 20 year’s elapsed.

But Henry doesn’t know that the bullet was buried in to that tree. Not only Henry no one knows that. At that time, in 1913 Henry was trying to cut off the tree in which the bullet was buried.

But that tree is very strong it is co-operating to Henry Jig lends axe. So he destroyed the tree by keeping dynamite. At that time the bullet buried in that tree fired Henry’s head. Henry Dead on the spot.

After 20 years the bullet Betrayal is resolved.

This story I stuided in a library book

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