Napoleon and A Village Girl


France Emperor Napoleon – he was just a normal soldier at that time. Napoleon and other soldiers were stayed in a pavilion in a particular place of that village. Napoleon was not quite there; at the free time without wasting his time he used to read many good books . It was a natural habit of napoleon.

At that time, one day a girl who came across teased napoleon that “All the soldiers are enjoying their life and passing their time by playing happily” but you are just sitting like a ‘kosha’. She said and laughed loudly.

Napoeon was quite he did not answer to her question.  She too went.

Twelve years elapsed.

Napoleon became the Emperor of France.

One day the France Emperor napoleon went to that particular village; after coming to that village, he enquired for that girl and he went to her house. Napoleon met that girl and asked “do you know who I am?” She started thinking deeply for few minutes, by remembering something; she said “The Emperor Yes”, I Think I already saw you before somewhere else.

Immediately the Emperor napoleon said, Yes! I am a normal soldier who stayed here before in a pavilion. You too teased me by saying ‘kosha’ and he continued, as you said, If I too play with them I might be remind as soldier itself. The knowledge I gained from the book helped me to become a Emperor.

That girl stunned and stood quite.

This Story I read in a book.

More unbelievable facts:

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