Amazing facts

 Whales looks so… Big and scary. But it won’t attack or destroy anyone. It will just wander (swim) here and there deep in to the water. Whale’s foods are like sea dog, birds which lives in sea, penguins and fishes in sea.

 Elephants: A1fter taking bath elephants used to take mud and put on his body. This mud saves elephants from hot sunlight and from insect bites.

 There is an animal called “kangaroo rat”. It lives in southwest Part in America. It will never drink water. This animal leg also looks just like a normal kangaroo leg that is why they call it kangaroo rat. It also jump and runs as a normal kangaroo.

 In China language, speaking language is different and writing language is different. The speaking language is known as “U-Yen” and writing language is known as “Ven-Thsu”.

 Fishes used to sleep by keeping their eyes open because they don’t have eye-lid. Deep sea fishes won’t sleep.

 Everyone knows that pigeon is a symbol of peace. The famous painter “padalare Picasso” is the person who created a pigeon as a symbol of peace.

 There is company called “Well General Electric Company” in America and this is the company first invented tube light in 1938.


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