Salient Chanakya Maxims

·         Henna gives off colour best when crushed. Similarly a women is best when strongly handed or worked hard.


·        In bright sunlight moon is invisible. Similarly a man living in the shadow or shelter of others makes no progress. He does not shine. [tweet this].

·         Snake has poisons in its fangs, bee in its sting and a scorpion in its tail. But an evil man in poison through and through.

·         Don’t live in a house where there is a snake, dishonest friend or women of bad character.

·         Make home a place where there is river nearby, good king and fair law and order situation, flourishing trade and good education system.

·         The worst one can do it himself is by living with an evil man.

·         Impolite servant is the biggest woe and embarrassment.

·         A women who ventures out of home on her own is bound to fall to bad ways.

·         A man’s common sense desserts him when misfortunes arrive.

·         There is good in everything a wise man says or does. A cow gives only milk irrespective of what it eats.

·         Birds gather on a tree to spend the night. In the morning they fly away in different directions. Similar is the relationships of a man. Separation from near and dear ones should not be grieved upon. Take it as the law of nature.

·         Beauty of a man lies in his qualities and good character, not in his physical appearance.

·         A polite reader is liked by everyone. It is one’s best advertisement.[tweet this].

·         There is particular time to do everything. The right timing is very important. A cuckoo singing in a bad autumn is a bad sign.

·         The power does not lie in size. A small goad has the power to control the elephant.

·         Kings speak for once. So do men of wisdom. Daughter is given marriage only once. These all are timers. Their repetition is not good.

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