An Amazing Lighthouse with Cotton Foundation

A Marvelous lighthouse with cotton foundation –

In England, there is a leasowe lighthouse which was constructed on the cotton foundation. England presented an insurmountable difficulty to construct light house on the sandy wirral shore but they failed the reason is, due to the instability sandy shore which was very danger to construct light house. But later the problem was solved in an unexpected way.

In the year of 1761, American Ship which carried cotton from India had trapped in storm and shipwrecked by hitting on the seashore. The cotton packages in ship was rescued and arranged on shore where the light house to be erected. After few day Sea water, sand and cotton altogether become like a very hard rock. So they left it as it is. Later that rock becomes the foundation. Yes, they left the cotton rock as a foundation and constructed light house on that rock. Still now that cotton foundation was very strong still now it was in use.

The leasowe lighthouse is open to the public on the first and third Sunday of each month from April to September and first Sunday of each month from October to March.

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