How to become an ideal student


Swami Vivekananda says that to become an ideal student, One has to follow certain basic things.

  • Respect: Respect your parents, your teachers and your elders.
  • Love: Love your country, your culture and your ancestors.
  • Service: Serve the poor, the illiterate and the diseased.
  • Self-discipline: Discipline your body, your senses and your mind.
  • Self- control: Control your words, your thoughts and your actions.
  • Truthfulness: Be truthful in words, thoughts and actions.
  • Faith: Have faith in yourself, in others and in god.
  • Strength: Be strong physically, mentally, intellectually, morally and spiritually.
  • Hard work: Work hard to acquire knowledge, skills and wisdom.
  • Conviction: Have conviction in the power of goodness, purity and honesty.
  • Habits: Cultivate regular habits of prayer, mediation and reading inspiring and strengthening literature.
  • Devotion: Have devotion for duty, scriptures, holy people and god.
  • Firm determination: Have firm determination and strong will power to cultivate good habits in order to achieve permanent happiness, peace, success and fulfillment in life.




We never get what we want;

We never want what we get;

We never have what we like;

We never like what we have;

Still we live, still we love, still we hope.

This is life.


Birds wish to fly and, they do so! Fish wish to swim and, they do so! You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. Only thing required at your end is that you need to work for it.

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City without Traffic Lights

It is surprising to learn that the capital Bhutan, Thimphu is the only city in the world without traffic lights. It is located at an altitude of 7500 feet above the sea level, and is situated on the western slopes of the wangchu river. Its population is just about 1,00,000.



Great Pyramid – A Signature From History.

Sailing southwards on the River Nile in Egypt is like taking a time machine back through ages, through thousands of years of history when the pharaohs ruled the desert land. The impressive ruins of pyramids, temples and tombs are more complete there than in ost places in the ancient world.

The ancient Egyptians diligently maintained the details of their living – household accounts, letters, poems, and excuses for absence from work. A whole learning called Egyptology is devoted to the study of the records and remains of ancient Egypt.

 The hot drifting sands and rainless atmosphere which preserved theses records have preserved much more: the burial pits and rock tombs, the pots and pans, jewelry and furniture, tools and weapons which they used. Even dresses Read the rest of this entry »

Fact File


  • The further a river is from its source on a mountainside, the slower the water travels. This is because the river eventually reaches flatter ground and widens before it reaches the sea.
  • Over millions of years, the human body has altered to suit the climate of the regions we inhabit. In general, the hotter the region, the darker the skin of its inhabitants.
  • Rain forests benefits people in four major ways. They provide economic, scientific, environmental and recreational value.
  • Many salts in the ocean come chiefly from the wearing away of rocks on land. As rocks break down, rivers carry the salts and other material the rocks consist of to the ocean. Material released by volcanoes and undersea springs also contributes salts to the ocean.
  • There are two main sources of fresh water: (1) Surface water and (2) Ground water. surface water flows over the land in lakes, rivers and streams. ground water seeps through the soil or through tiny cracks in rock.
  • Pollution of the ground water is a serius problem, especially near cities and industrial sites. Pollutants that seep into the ground result from contaminated surface water, leaks from sewer pipes, and septic tanks, and chemical spills.
  • Probably the best-known gauge of earthquake intensity is the local richter magnitude scale, developed in 1935, by united states seismologist Charles F. Richter.
  • The end of hurricane come quickly if a hurricane moves over land, because it no longer receives heat energy and moisture from warm tropical water.

Amazing Facts


Bhagavad Gita

The Gita is not a book for study and examination as a text book. It is a book that tells men how regulate their activities and their minds. It is like a railway guide. It is a guide book for the journey of life. We should travel with its help, not commit it to memory. Merely committing it to memory will not enable us to reach the journey’s end – Rajaji



 Iron rusts, or corrodes in air because it dissolves in the acid solution provided by the moisture and the carbon dioxide of the air to form hydrous oxide. In an atmosphere which is rich in sulphur compounds, the process will be repaid.

                                              Our industrial system is largely based on the use of iron and its alloys. It is the world’s most important metal, but rarely found in a pure state. Iron ore has to be smelted to separate the metal from other elements. The molten iron, which flows from the blast furnace after smelting is pig iron. This contains many impurities but it is a raw material for cast iron and wrought iron.

   Cast iron is made from pig iron by resmelting it with in a blast furnace. The coke raises the temperature and helps remove the impurities. the molten cast iron is tapped from the base of the furnace and poured into moulds. Although it is brittle, cast iron metals and moulds because it does not distort when red hot and corrodes only slightly in water. Cast iron is used for stoves, fireplaces, manhole covers, water pipes and rain gutters. If cast iron is resmelted the result is wrought iron. It is almost pure form of iron. It can be easily shaped or wrought until the 1870s was used for bright-building and engineering. Now-a-day it is used mainly for decorative purpose. it gave way to master metal steel which was first mass-produced in the 1870s and which combines the easy- to- handle qualities of wrought iron with the toughness of cast iron.

Source: collected from few books.


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