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  • The further a river is from its source on a mountainside, the slower the water travels. This is because the river eventually reaches flatter ground and widens before it reaches the sea.
  • Over millions of years, the human body has altered to suit the climate of the regions we inhabit. In general, the hotter the region, the darker the skin of its inhabitants.
  • Rain forests benefits people in four major ways. They provide economic, scientific, environmental and recreational value.
  • Many salts in the ocean come chiefly from the wearing away of rocks on land. As rocks break down, rivers carry the salts and other material the rocks consist of to the ocean. Material released by volcanoes and undersea springs also contributes salts to the ocean.
  • There are two main sources of fresh water: (1) Surface water and (2) Ground water. surface water flows over the land in lakes, rivers and streams. ground water seeps through the soil or through tiny cracks in rock.
  • Pollution of the ground water is a serius problem, especially near cities and industrial sites. Pollutants that seep into the ground result from contaminated surface water, leaks from sewer pipes, and septic tanks, and chemical spills.
  • Probably the best-known gauge of earthquake intensity is the local richter magnitude scale, developed in 1935, by united states seismologist Charles F. Richter.
  • The end of hurricane come quickly if a hurricane moves over land, because it no longer receives heat energy and moisture from warm tropical water.

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