Animal Life

 There are animals in you and me
“Strange! “  Thought I this cannot be. “
But slowly I began to see…

How in the garden I like to stay
Just like a puppy I want to play!

I love to climb into a tree,
And swing through the branches like a monkey!

When the alarm bell rings and it is time to wake,
I feel like a koala bear that needs a shake
As I dress for school and I wash my face,
     I feel like a snail that is too slow to race!

In the class room, like a parrot I like to talk,
Though teacher frowns at me with her duster and chalk!
 Grandpa patted me on the head,
           “Grow up son!” is what he said.
 “Conquer these animal traits if you can,
           And you will be a very fine man!”



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