Blind Man Wish

There lived a young man called Swami Appan. He doesn’t have any relatives to support him. He did not get any job. He told his deficiency to everyone. But no one showed mercy on him.

Finally he decided,

Ok, God created me lets tell all my worries to god itself! He went to hall near the temple to meet the monk.

He asked the Monk. “Monk, there is no one to support me. So, finally I decided to appeal to god. Can you tell me the way to meet The God?

Monk said. “That is not an easiest job my son. If you want to meet a God you must go to the place where no person should be found. Forest is the best place. Go to the forest with the strong aim to meet god and do penance. God will appear in front of you.  As per the Monk advice swamiyappan went to the forest. He sat under the big tree. He started doing penance with the aim to meet God.

He was doing penance for many years. But God did not appear in front of him. Being very strong in his aim to meet God he never want to give up and he don’t bother about “how many years it elapsed” he continued doing penance with a strong zeal.

Many Years elapsed. 

Swami Appan lost his young age and become old. Even though God did not appear. But swami Appan don’t want to give up. He continued doing penance.

At this time, his two eyes become blind.

Even at that time he never stopped he just continued his penance.

By seeing this God felt pity on him.

Finally, one day God appeared in front of him and said.

“Devotee I Praise your penance. I will give only one boon to you. Ask whatever you want.

He lost all his young age and he became blind too. If he wants young age lifelong he should be a blind man. If he wants unlimited wealth, he will remain old blind man.  

By being old blind man. How one can enjoy the wealth.

He thought for long time and asked as mentioned below.

My Lord, I want to see my grandson’s son eating food in the golden bowl from the seventh storage of my own house” he said.

By seeing his cleverness God granted his boon.

That is what Thiruvalluvar said,

All one aims at can be gained
If one is but firm



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