Fishing Eagle:

Palla’s fishing eagle is found in inland water in Pakistan and northern India. This majestic eagle is brown with pale head and a board white band across a tail. It hunts for its own prey-fishing, snakes, small mammals and crabs, ot pirates prey from other raptors, forcing to surrender their lawful prize. It also takes carrion. Their white eggs are laid on massive stick-nest on an isolated tree growing near or in water, between November and March.


Fairy blue bird:

Fairy blue bird is gorgeous thrush-like bird found in the heavier forests of the Western Ghats, northeastern India and the Andaman’s. The male is brilliant ultra-marine blue and deep black, the female a duller blue green. In the non-breeding season they forage in small flocks, keeping to the upper forest stratum and communicating by rich mellow call-notes. Their food is chiefly arthropods, fruits and nectar.


Pariah Kite:

It is the commonest bird of prey of our country Sid. It is also a useful scavenger in towns and cities, taking wastes, dead rats at garbage dumps. It often preys on poultry. It has large wings and forked tail which enable it to remarkable gliding ability. both sexes share the building of a large stick nest in a tree or on a building. It lays two or three legs.



Golden Eagle:

The golden eagle can fly at speeds between 150 to 200 kilometers per hour. The bird can dive at an unbelievable 900 km per hour.




Oil bird or Guacharo:

Oil bird or Guacharo is night flying bird that lives in caves in northern-south America and Trinidad. It finds its way by echo-location, a bat like sonar device in its ears that emits audible, echoing clicks. It is called the oil bird because the Native Americans use the fat if its clicks as cooking oil.



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