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Coastal land, Islands, and the sea.

The Earth – Land Scape and Sea Scape High Seas: open Ocean several miles or more from shore. Ocean: Any of vast, connected bodies of salt water that cover almost three-fourths of the earth’s surface. Oceanfront: Land directly along seashore. Offshore: Designating Area Sea laying a short way from beach. Pelagic: Of or on the …

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Tarmac – Hard Black Material

  Tarmac is a hard black material used for roads, parade ground or anywhere, that a hard, even and durable surface is needed. It is a mixture of tar and macadam, which consists of hundreds of tiny even sized chips of granite pressed together. Macadam is named after a Scotsman, john Loudon mac Adam, who …

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Know Your Brain

Our brain controls everything that happens in our body. In the form of nerve impulses, information travels to and from the brain along the thick bundle of nerves in our spinal cord. The brain is the only organ that can make decisions about actions, based on past experience (stored information), present events and future plans. …

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The Depth Of The Oceans Measured

The depth of the oceans is measured in fathoms. A fathom is six ft. Scientists who study the oceans are called oceanographers. Since the deep ocean is cold and dark, we really know very little about it. Parts of the ocean floors have been seen through the eyes of deep-sea cameras, but it still amounts …

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Always look at the bright side of the thing

Everything has two sides – The bright and the dark, as I would wish to put it, the bright and the less bright. A king had a dream in which he found that all his teeth had fallen out. He wanted an interpretation of the dream. A dream interpreter was sent for. He consulted the ancient …

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The Earth- landscape and sea scape

Ravine: Narrow, steep – sided depression in earth’s surface formed by running water larger than a gully, smaller than a canyon. Gully: Channel or small valley worn in earth by running water. Intervene: Tract of land along river. Kloof: Deep gorge or ravine (South Africa). Serac: Tall peak or mass of ice projecting upward from …

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Real Potential and Goals

  A boy found an eagle’s egg and put it in the nest of a chicken. The eagle hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. All his life, the changing eagle- thinking he was a chicken – did what the other chicken did. He scratched in the dirt for seeds and …

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