The Earth- landscape and sea scape

  • Ravine: Narrow, steep – sided depression in earth’s surface formed by running water larger than a gully, smaller than a canyon.
  • Gully: Channel or small valley worn in earth by running water.
  • Intervene: Tract of land along river.
  • Kloof: Deep gorge or ravine (South Africa).
  • Serac: Tall peak or mass of ice projecting upward from glasier.
  • Nunatak: Hill or mountain totally uncircled by glacial ice.
  • Hill: usually rounded elevation of land, smaller than a mountain.
  • Hill lock: Small hill.
  • Hill side: One slope of hill.
  • Hill top: Peak, crest, are ridge of hill.
  • Knap: Summit, hill top
  • knoll:small rounded hill
  • Monticule: Secondary cone of volcano.
  • Range: series of connected mountain.
  • Recess: Cleft in earth of ten concealed from view.
  • Rincon: Small, secluded valley; sharp recess in cliff.
  • Sink: Depression in earth’s surface without drainage often saline lake.
  • Sink hole: lime stone hollow connected to underground passage.
  • Step toe: isolated hill or mountain surrounded by lava
  • Vista: Height affording view over large expanse of land
  • Tundra: level, treeless plain in arctic region with dark wet soil on base f permanently frozen of sub soil  
  • Vega: flat, barren plain (Spain).
  • Salt flat: Level tract in stage between saline lake and salt flat.
  • Saline: Saline marsh or spring.
  • Salt Pan : Undrained natural depression in which evaporation of water leaves deposit of salt.




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