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Coastal land, Islands, and the sea. » Nethraa



Coastal land, Islands, and the sea.

The Earth – Land Scape and Sea Scape

  • High Seas: open Ocean several miles or more from shore.
  • Ocean: Any of vast, connected bodies of salt water that cover almost three-fourths of the earth’s surface.
  • Oceanfront: Land directly along seashore.
  • Offshore: Designating Area Sea laying a short way from beach.
  • Pelagic: Of or on the open sea.
  • Sea: Large of salt water, general landlocked and smaller than the ocean; also used as synonym for ocean.
  • Seaboard: Seashore.
  • Sea cliff: Steep slope overlooking ocean.
  • Sea coast: Land situated along ocean.
  • Seascape: View or scene of sea or ocean.
  • Seashore: Land at the edge of sea, esp. beach; seaboard.
  • Seastrand: Long section of seashore.
  • Seaway: Deep inland water way connecting with sea.
  • Shoreline: Edge of land where a large body of water meets land.
  • Shore: land bordering a sea of ocean; coast.
  • Marine : Of or at the sea or ocean.
  • Polynya: Area of open water enclosed by sea ice.
  • Reef: Ridge of rock or coral just under water surface.
  • Ria: Long narrow inlet where sea has overflow river valley.
  • Riviera: Coastal region of sea used as a resort area.
  • Archipelago: Group of sea islands, esp. in curved row.
  • Arm: Narrow inland extension of sea.
  • Cape : Point of land extending into water peninsula.
  • Estuary: point where river mouth meets sea’s tide arm of sea at river mouth.
  • Floe: Large, flat mass of ice floating on sea.
  • Bay : body of water forming indentation on shoreline of sea or large lake wide intel of sea smaller than the gulf.
  • Gulf: section of ocean that extends into land, larger than a bay.



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