Power of Words



 A careless word    may kindle a strife
A cruel word          may wreck a life
A bitter word         may hutch a quarrel
A brutal word        may smile and kill
A gracious word    may smoothen the way
A joyous word       may light the day 
A timely word       may lessen the stress
A loving word       may smooth and bless


Diya (Rushalli)



In the World every person knows the value of time. You know when I experienced the value of time. In my exam, each and every minute is a golden minute for me. That’s why people say “Time is Gold”. Project managers are the people who know very well about the value of time.

While handling their Projects, the Project Managers have to concentrates on  3 major things like Scope, Time and Cost. They have separate subject for “Time” called Time management.

Value of Time

 If you know the value of time
Take time to work
          It will lead you to success
Take time to think
          It will help you to gain power
Take time to play
          It will keep you healthy
Take time to read
          It will make you wise
Take time to laugh
          It is music of the soul


Diya (Rushalli)

About Books

What is Books?WHAT IS A BOOK?

Book it is a bank
which gives us knowledge Read the rest of this entry »

Human Rights

United Nations prepared a list of human rights called the universal declaration of  human rights. it was adopted on 10th December 1948, which is celebrated has human rights day all over the world. Some of the important rights are the following.

  1. The right to live as free citizens of a country.
  2. Eqality before the law.
  3. The right of freedom of speech and writing.
  4. The right to educations, employment and freedom of religion.
  5. Freedom from discrimination based on religion or sex.
  6. Equal pay for equal work.
  7. Freedom to travel from one place to another.

These Rights are some of the most basic needs of every human being.The united nations is working to make all these rights a reality in every country of the world. India is also a member of the UNO. It was among the first 50 nations to sign the United Nations Charter.

The UN flag has a light blue background with its symbol at the centre, which is a world map surrounded by olive branches. Olive  branches symbolize peace. The UN headquarters is located in New York City in the United States of America.

Diya (Rushalli)


My favorite animal “The Lion”

The lion is a flesh eating animal. He is one of strongest and fiercest of all flesh eating animals. The lion belong to the same species to which tiger, wolf, etc. belong. He has a majestic figure. He is very powerful. He is nobleness give him name of the “The king of the forest”. The size of a full grown lion is 10 to 12 feet. He has very large and heavy head. The head and the neck of the lion are covered with the thick hair. They are called mane. His paws are very strong. They possess very sharp claws. he can quickly and easily can draw them. He has large whiskers. He can carry a buffalo on his back. The lion hides him selves near some spring. When any animal comes to drinks water springs upon him with a loud roar. His terrible roar is just like thunder of clouds. The whole forest is trembled by it.

Diya (Rushalli)

Importance of English

 Importance of English

Speech is gifted by God. Language is created by man English is one such language which is globally used. It is an international language used by maximum number of people in the world. Communication in English helps in international trade. In the present day world the medium of instruction is English in many Educational Institutes. The person who has good communicative skills possesses self-confidence and status. By speaking in English there is scope for better placements in one’s career. This language is also highly used in research and information technology. So right from an ordinary person to a great scholar English is equally important

Thank   You,
Diya  (Rushalli)

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