Precious Words


Work:  Do the work to be done now, and see what you have gained. You feel easy and find that some burden is off your head. Relaxation is yours in the bargain.

Success: There is no shortcut to success. Begin working. Targets are not achieved overnight. Only regular working pays.

Company: Keep the company of the intellectuals who are full of ideas. These ideas will touch you, infect you, seize you and thus do immerse good to your personality.

Never too late: It is never too late to correct. You may correct at fifty, even at sixty. If you survive after mending, this period will be glorious and worthy period of your life.

Shyness: shyness of yours is a hindrance. It stands between you achievement. Boldness and self-confidence should be your guide lines for successful living.




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  1. Sureshbabu

    Good Job. Keep it up.

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